Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to be fit with Wii fit

In my opinion Wii fit is the easiest, fun and affordable way to stay in shape. You can do a great workout without joining a gym, no need to diet and yes with a trainer at home at your own convenience. Cool isn’t it?

Its only 10 days I have it and I am already addicted to it, don’t know till when though but hopefully till I get fit or achieve the desired BMI(body mass index). What is most interesting for me is, I never seem to have time or motivation to exercise but with Wii fit I always have time just like I have time for videogames.

Let’s see what it is, and how it helps you.Wii fit basically is a bundle that has a pressure sensitive balance board and a game which has four types of workouts- Yoga ,aerobics, strength exercises and balance games and these are fun to do..I like the one in which it tests your rhythm but since its only 10 days I am yet to unlock many interesting exercises.

Assuming you already have a Wii console, you just need to buy Wii fit bundle which most likely will cost you around $90 and you are ready to go.

It starts by making you stand on the board, asks your height and calculate your weight which I think is quite accurate at least in my case. It then calculates your BMI that is your body mass index. A fit person should have a BMI near 22 and Wii fit will help you achieve that at your own pace. You set a goal for you and work accordingly.

This is another great thing about it, how many of us actually calculate our BMI when we try to lose weight through so many ways like gym, dieting, jogging etc?

It will also tell you your Wii fit age which is fun to know too because if you don’t have a good balance your Wii fit age can be 15 years more than your actual age!
And yes I think it’s worth the price because if you use it to get fit you will get fit!

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