Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to solve the sudden laptop shutdown problem

Sudden shutdown of the laptop seems to be a very common problem nowadays. I just recently solved mine by cleaning the heatsink.

Well, there can be many reasons for it, the most common reason is overheating or dust in the heat sink unit.

What to do-
Clean the lint and dust from the heat sink unit or the ventilator by opening it up, a little lint can cause major overheating problem.

You can find various guides on the internet that tell you step by step method of cleaning the heatsink.

Things you can do to avoid overheating of the laptop-
1. Try not to keep your laptop on your lap, mattress, carpet or any other soft surface as it may block the fan from cooling properly.
2. Use air compressor every few weeks to blow the dust out of your laptop’s fan and heatsink.
3. You can use a cooling fan for the extra cooling of your laptop, works great.

As I said there can be other reasons too like-

1. It may be that the BIOS needs to be updated. Try performing the update and see if it still shuts down.
2. It might be a software related problem, in that case- try booting the laptop in safe mode and using it, it should work fine if it is some software creating the problem.
3. It can be a power issue also, you can try removing the battery and running it on the AC adaptor.

If nothing works try contacting the technical support